End of Summer REU Symposium

At the end of the summer, REU participants presented their research.

Thursday, August 1, 2019, 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm (Central Standard Time)
Location: Lopata House, Great Hall


Elijah Begin, Ouachita Baptist University
Marcus Foston Lab
Project: The efficient use of cellulose in biofuels, particularly the stress/strain properties of cellulose-based hydrogels

Aidan Flynn, Washington University in St. Louis
Elizabeth Haswell Lab
Project: Studying how mechanosensitive channels in animals and plants respond to forces, particularly MSL10 dynamics in roots after osmotic shock

Keith Hayes, Alabama State University
Guy Genin Lab
Fibroblast remodel collagen in three-dimensional matrix

Cydne Ratliff, Drake University
Lucia Strader Lab
Project: Using confocal fluorescent microscopy to study peroxisomes in Arabidopsis to determine how cells moderate peroxisome growth and numbers

Chloe Simchick, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Ram Dixit Lab
Project: Characterizing patterns of twisted growth mutations in Arabidopsis by studying their mechanical properties